What is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Alpha Lipoic acid is an antioxidant and is found naturally in the body and in some foods. It is used to break down carbohydrates to create energy, reduce inflammation, help slow skin aging, and promote healthy nerve function. Certain disease, medications, toxin, and stress can reduce the levels of the body’s alpha lipoic acid.  


Difference between oral and IV supplementation

Oral APA supplements are not as absorbable by the body because digestion begins to break down the supplements and does not provide the same dosage that an IV infusion of Alpha Lipoic Acid does.  


Who is the Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Infusion good for?

ALA IV Infusions are appropriate for anyone who is trying to promote healthier skin, reduce weight gain, help with neuropathy and neuropathic-based pain


What is the dosing schedule like for Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Infusions?

Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Infusions are typically given once a day for 14 days, but it is important for our staff to evaluate your individual situation to provide you with an IV Infusion Schedule as unique as you are!  

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