Almost everyone feels sad or anxious on occasion, but if you’ve lost interest in activities you used to enjoy, or you regularly experience thoughts of suicide or self-harm, a chronic mood disorder such as depression and anxiety may be to blame. At InfusionMD in The Woodlands, Texas, Jessen Mukalel, MD, and the team proudly offer ketamine infusion therapy to address the often debilitating effects of depression and depression. Request your consultation today by calling the office or booking online.

Depression and Anxiety Q & A

What are depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are not interchangeable conditions, but they’re often linked. Many people who suffer from depression also struggle with anxiety, so it’s important to find effective treatments for both conditions as early as possible.


Depression is a mental health condition that causes severe sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest, fatigue, and even thoughts of suicide. While serious, depression is also very common. Some studies indicate that one in six people will experience depression at some point in their life.


Anxiety is characterized by feelings of apprehension or fear. While it’s normal to feel anxiety toward stress-inducing situations, such as work, school, relationships, and major life changes, these feelings can begin to affect your day-to-day life. If your anxiety doesn’t weaken or fade over time, you may have an anxiety condition that could benefit from treatment.

What are the symptoms of depression and anxiety?

Depression affects everyone differently. Some people only have one or two depressive episodes during their lifetime, but most people experience multiple episodes. During depressive episodes, it’s common to experience symptoms throughout the day and night, including:

  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Angry outbursts and irritability
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Lack of energy
  • Trouble thinking or making decisions

As depression gets worse, it’s also common to experience thoughts of death or suicide. You might also experience physical problems, such as headaches or musculoskeletal pain. 

Anxiety affects everyone differently, but telltale signs include: 

  • Feeling nervous or tense
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) problems
  • Breathing rapidly

If you have anxiety, you might also experience regular feelings of impending danger or a sense of doom.

When should I see a doctor about depression and anxiety?

It’s perfectly normal to feel sadness from time to time – that is part of the ups and downs of life.  . However, if your symptoms persist for weeks or months at a time and interfere with your ability to go to work or spend time with family and friends, it’s important to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mukalel at InfusionMD. 

Anxiety is an incredibly common problem that affects people of all ages. However, if you feel that your worrying is interfering with your work or personal relationships, it’s time to seek professional help. You should also schedule an appointment with Dr. Mukalel at InfusionMD if you think your anxiety is the result of a physical health problem or it’s causing you to have suicidal thoughts or behaviors. 

How does ketamine infusion therapy treat depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety negatively impact certain areas of your brain responsible for learning, higher-order thinking, and memory. While antidepressants may relieve your symptoms, they’re also associated with a variety of negative side effects, including weight gain, fatigue, and sexual side effects.

Ketamine infusion therapy supplies your body with the materials it needs to heal your neural pathways without impairing your thinking or concentration. What’s more, studies have shown that patients with depression and anxiety can expect to experience significant relief following a series of six or more ketamine infusions. At InfusionMD, Dr. Mukalel often achieves even better results.

To see if you’re a good candidate for depression and anxiety treatment with ketamine infusion therapy, make an appointment by calling the office today.

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